Eugen Indjic

Paulius Andersson is a wonderfully gifted pianist. Besides his great virtuosity, musicianship and sense of style, Paulius has his distinct artistic personality and a strong stage presence that wins the public. 

Prof. Saulius Sondeckis

..P. Andersson possesses remarkable technical ability, musical hearing and memory, as well as a talent for improvising. A charismatic performer, he moves audiences both with his temperament, as well as lyricism...In my opinion, Paulius Andersson is an exceptional talent, worthy of your attention and support...

Jaroslaw Drzewiecki

Paulius Andersson is one of the best pianists of the young generation in Europe. Paulius perfectly controls   the sound and fully reveals  color palette of the instrument. This is a very rare feature which regale listeners around the world. Moreover he has unlimited virtuosity skills  which allows him  to freely perform the most demanding pieces such as  paraphrases, transcriptions and  concertos for piano and orchestra. His interpretation of the works are well thought out, logical and innovative. Broad range repertoire allows  him to freely plan every music project. Paulius Andresson is charismatic artist and his temperament  arousing the enthusiasm of the audience. He is great representative of  21st century versatile artists.

Vera Nosina

Paulius Andersson is extraordinarily talented rising piano star in music world . His artistry , expressive temperament , remarkable virtuosity and high professional level clearly distinguishes him from other young pianists of his generation. Also, Paulius interpretations are very deep , well thought, philosophical and rich in colors. Despite his young age he is already a mature musician